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Christmas 2016

Christmas eve 2016: everyone in the family is throwing up. (Rainier and his posse at the krippe passed around some horrible stomach virus)

Christmas 2016: I’m frantically cleaning the house before our Dec. 26 departure to meet Granny and Paran in London.  (I will disclose here that they both still ended up catching the damn virus)

We did manage to throw together a little Christmas magic for Rainier.

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Pullman City Christmas Market

First on the list of “Weird German Stuff” must absolutely be Pullman City.

According to the torch-lit tour guide (the tour, not the guide, was lit), and I’m summarizing here, some German dude travelled to America and became enchanted with the American Western scene, moved back to Germany and started his own wild-western city in the middle of, well, no-where Germany.

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