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Celebrating Fats

When Fats Domino died, it felt like I had lost a family member. His music was the soundtrack to the happiest parts of my childhood – learning to “jitterbug” with my aunts under my grandparents’ house in Reggio, uncle Chris playing guitar at family birthday celebrations, jumping off the Marty Boy in Lake Borgne after the Ycloskey boat blessing, hot summer days and good smells in maw maw Barbie’s kitchen. When I moved away from New Orleans at 17 years old, his music kept a part of my soul there and comforted the far away part that always missed New Orleans.

Here’s René’s best Fats improv on the piano and Rainier dancing along. It’s not under the house in Reggio, but we are missing New Orleans dearly, and on this day, missing Fats.


Mere in Passau

One of my best friends (and debate partners) is my college roomie, Meredith. Meredith is a rock star educator and gets sent all over the world to work with/learn from/teach other educators. Luckily for me, this summer, she was studying the Bavarian education system right down the road in Regensberg. We actually stopped there on our way back from Berlin and kidnapped her from the Regensberg hauptbahnhof and took her to Passau for a couple days.

The thing about old good friends is that you don’t skip a beat, doesn’t matter how long it’s been. To start things off, we grabbed a beer and lunch and debated politics. After that, some Rainier time. Then, Mere and I had dinner, during which we engaged in good old-fashioned girl talk over Italian food and wine.

From the two girls who probably managed to snap a gazillion photos of themselves together in the early 2000s, before the days of iPhones and selfie sticks, we somehow managed to get a single photo together in Germany.


But, DAMN we look good.

Love ya Mere Bear!