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BUKA Study Tour – 9 Cities in 14 Days


So, I basically swept Germany on a bus like a rockstar, except instead of bandmates, I travelled with an international group of fellows, and instead of playing music, we experienced the art, culture, music, history, politics, and architecture of Germany. Okay fine, so not at all like rockstars. But, we did drink a lot of beer, so that must count for something, right?

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We live walking distance from Austria, but our first real visit to Austria was to Altaussee, a small spa town, for a skiing adventure.  By “adventure,” I mean a couple of New Orleanians with little to no experience with mountains or snow attempting a ski weekend with a 16 month old.  Against all odds, it was a success. And Altaussee gave us native sun-dwellers a glimpse of Winter’s charm.

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